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The Center for Independent Living has built a cutting edge Transitional Skills Center in Scranton, PA.  We offer a half-day program at our facility, as well as on-site programming for many NEPA high schools.


Transitional Skills Center PictureThe Transitional Skills Program teaches the skills needed to succeed in competitive employment and post-secondary settings, to high school students with disabilities (ages 14-21).  Participants are guided through a series of instructional skill enhancement activities.


The program continually builds on lessons learned, allowing for repeated instruction and reinforcement of new skills as participants progress.


By the end of the program, participants will not only learn the fluidity of social situations in the workplace, but will gain clearer insight into future career options.


The program is designed to allow the participant to explore, and maximize, his/her potential in one of the following desired outcomes:


1. Competitive Integrated Employment

2. Post-secondary Education

3. Independent Living




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Group Instruction

The group instruction component of the program is intended to teach vocational, post-secondary, and independent living skills through a series of structured activities.  Groups are composed of participants of equal skill level, identified in the pretest phase as Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced-Post-Secondary/Vocational Track.  Instructional activities correspond in subject matter to whichever Learning Module the group is focusing on, at any given time.


Community-Based Instruction (CBI)

CBI is a vital activity for our students, because they often have trouble generalizing and learning abstract skills.  In order to provide our students with experiential learning opportunities, we must venture into the environments where they are going to be used.  It is imperative we leave the classroom, go out into the real world, and practice the skills needed for adult independent living.


Enhanced Individualized Instruction

Another component of the program is Enhanced Individualized Instruction.  This component allows participants to personalize employment skills addressed within the Group Instruction setting.  Additionally, participants can hone in on a set of individualized skills pertaining to realistic future career options and job interview performance.



The program also incorporates a counseling program led by our two (2) licensed counselors. Each participant receives a fifteen (15) minute weekly check-in with a counselor. This is designed to provide early intervention into any potential problems, and allows staff to build rapport with participants. Additionally, our counselors conduct a one (1) hour group therapy session for all participants.














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