“Studies suggest that as much as 80% of the life success that people enjoy is due not to conventional IQ, but rather to Emotional Intelligence. The Center for Independent Living immerses students in the pool of emotional skills required for success through all of its programming, whether geared toward post-graduate work, independent living, or college readiness. Whether learning how to participate in a social conversation, how to present themselves in an interview, or how to operate equipment in an industrial kitchen, students practice such skills as politeness, promptness, interacting with others, handling frustration, setting goals and overcoming disappointment. The Valley View School District is proud to partner with the CIL, for all that it offers to our students through its Pre-Employment Training Skills (PETS) program. We value our present collaboration with CIL, and enthusiastically embrace the chance to explore new opportunities to partner with such a progressive and compassionate partner for kids.”

Tom Quinn, Valley View School District Superintendent


“The students from Forest City Regional find the Center for Independent Living Transition classes to be fun, informative, and interesting. Although the approach is casual in nature, the students gain valuable post-secondary, employment and independent living skills; they are learning and don't even realize they are learning. Ashley and Beth do a great job leveling and diversifying the transition lessons and provide very effective strategies for the students to use, in and out of school.”

Sandy Morahan, Transition Coordinator, Forest City Regional School District  


“I feel that the hands-on activities and various group levels at the CIL are a great resource to our students.   They are a wonderful added support for our students to help them towards reaching their post-school goals. “

Dave Genovese, Transition Coordinator, Scranton School District


“The Dunmore School District has entered into a partnership with the Center for Independent Living to help educate our children with special needs. We have been doing this for only a short period of time, but the positive effects that it is having on our students is really nice to see. The students that are participating in the program cannot wait to go every day. The positive effects that this program is having on our students is wonderful. The student’s parents are very pleased with the program and the progress that their children are achieving. We look forward to continued success with our partnership.“

Timothy Hopkins, Assistant Principal, Dunmore High School


“North Pocono High School is collaborating with Center for Independent Living and implementing a transition program within the North Pocono High School. The students are working towards gaining the skills needed to have success in competitive employment, as well as post-secondary settings.  The Center for Independent Living is making a big difference in the lives of our students, in both the transition program at our high school and at the Center for Independent Living Transition Skills day program. The staff has been wonderful to work with, and their professionalism is outstanding! North Pocono High School is looking forward to continuing this partnership!”

Teri Mokay, Transition Teacher, North Pocono High School


“Tyler has been in the Transitional Skills Center Program over a year and we can tell you that he has never communicated with us like he has since his participation in the life skills and college skills programs began.   We think Tyler has spoken to his family more in the past year that he did for the previous 16 years of his entire life. We particularly like how Center professionals have come up with special projects that allow these kids to get involved in the community and become contributing members of society.  We can all do everything in our power as parents and educators to help them succeed, but if they don't have daily life skills, self-confidence and communication skills, they will stumble. The Center for Independent Living is providing the type of support that is needed at this critical time in their lives.  Tyler has never had a "crew" of his own.  The best offering at CIL is that they have assembled a group of kids that Tyler feels truly comfortable with and can relate to.  That is invaluable.  He has finally found his ‘peeps’.”

Janet and Bill - Parents

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