Independent Living Services

Funded in part by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Labor and Industry, and Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Center for Independent Living is dedicated to affording clients four prime areas of assistance.


Core Services


Representing the interests of persons with disabilities in achieving independent living, gaining rights and benefits, and resolving individual problems. The entire CIL team works with the community to promote the removal of barriers and improve access to society.



Individualized and/or group instruction to refine skills in recruiting and supervising caregivers, financial management, assistance with applications for services, personal growth, and job opportunities.



To the general public and to persons with disabilities on topics of special interest, architectural accessibility, adaptive equipment, civil rights, communication aids, housing, personal care, and much more. Referrals are made to appropriate community resources and services.



Exploring options with a skilled advisor who has a disability to set and help reach independent living goals. Provides support and promotes personal growth through the enhancement of self-esteem, disability adjustment, and self-sufficiency.


Home Modifications

The Center for Independent Living (CIL) provides home modification services for those individuals who would like to stay in their own home, but require environmental changes to accommodate physical challenges. Home modification services are managed by CIL through a waiver system. A staff member is assigned to you to assist you in gaining access to needed services.


We are committed to promoting independent living for the aging and persons with disabilities. The CIL may be able to assist you with the conversion for your home to make living easier, reduce accidents, and enhance, or support, independent living.


Most homes are not designed to adapt to the needs of people with disabilities or those over age 65. We can improve accessibility throughout your home. Our services include, but are not limited to:


• Widening doorways to adjust for a wheelchair

• Installing grab bars in the shower, by the tub or by the toilet

• Installing walk-in or roll-in showers and/or tubs

• Installing handrails on staircases

• Installing ramps for convenient entries and exits


Home modifications can enhance comfort, increase safety, prevent accidents, and facilitate ongoing access to community activities and services. These environmental adjustments remove barriers and safety hazards, which alleviates stress associated with reduced physical capability.


Training Programs

The Center for Independent Living implements several special programs that advocate for awareness and understanding of persons with disabilities.


Project A.B.L.E.

Is a unique sensitization program whereby able-bodied people can better understand the needs of persons with disabilities by utilizing a series of work stations that simulate various disabilities.


Firefighter/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Disability Awareness Training

We conduct a training program designed to educate firefighters and EMS personnel on how to properly respond to persons with disabilities.  The training sensitizes and educates on how to identify, address, and respond to individuals with disabilities in their line of duty.


ADA Compliance Training

The basic requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act are taught in simple, understandable terms.  Our goal is to educate people about the core concepts and principles in both the ADA and the ADA Amendments Act of 2008.


Disability Sensitivity Training

This training program is designed to educate the public about people with disabilities.  By increasing awareness, we aim to dispel stereotypes, teach disability etiquette, and inform people about the law.  Common respect, courtesy, and eliminating the awkwardness some people feel interacting with a person with a disability, are our goals.

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