Privacy and Safety Policies

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Safety Alerts


The Center for Independent Living/ACES$ maintain privacy and safety policies to protect our clients and their families.


Please be aware:


• CIL/ACES$ is committed to protecting your personal identifying information. We will maintain reasonable and appropriate security controls to protect your data.


• CIL/ACES$ will not release information about you without written authorization.


• CIL/ACES$ conducts state criminal background checks and child abuse clearances on all employees/caregivers.


• CIL/ACES$ employees do not visit consumer homes without a prearranged appointment.


• CIL/ACES$ does not visit the homes of your employees/caregivers unless there is a shared living arrangement.


If ANYONE visits you and claims to be an employee of CIL/ACES$, please ask for identification. If they do not have it, take their name and call us at 800-344-7211.



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