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Maryland Program Manager

Craig Morrison


Fax (timesheets): 877-762-5720

Fax (documents): 570-558-5570



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MARYLAND'S Fiscal/Employer Agency Service operates in accordance with IRS Revenue Procedure 70-6 within Section 3504 of the Internal Revenue Code. ACES$ acts on behalf of persons with disabilities to perform a variety of employer payroll-related tasks. This includes, but is not limited to, payroll, as well as withholding, filing, and depositing federal and state employment tax requirements, and securing workers' compensation insurance coverage, if applicable.


ACES$ FMS Provider for Maryland Waivers:



• Convenient hours: 8:00am—5:00pm, Monday through Friday, with immediate personal assistance and 24-hour access to voicemail

• Prompt call returns with personal attention

• English and Spanish service plus access to language line for other translations

• Monthly budget reports to consumers

• Annual Consumer Satisfaction Survey

• Personalized enrollment services

• Secure, electronic, web-based enrollment

• 24/7 timesheet submission

• Supplemental, off-cycle payroll runs

• Electronic timesheet submission and verification

• Your choice of Direct Deposit, Pay Card or Paper Paycheck


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