"I wish to take a moment to just let you all know what a relief it has been to not deal with a home care agency anymore.   My quality of life, as well as happiness and confidence, has grown noticeably to my friends.  I thank you and all your staff for your assistance, training and caring.  I so appreciate managing my own care, my medical appointments, and getting my needs met.  My home is clean, and it feels good.  Without you, I would not be loving life nearly as much.  My aides are incredible, consistent and truly a blessing to me.  My most heartfelt thanks to you ALL!"

Aline Goodchild, ACES$ Colorado Consumer


"I just wanted to send a note to say thank you to Jason Smith, and Staff, for their above and beyond customer care.  I am still a fairly new client, but I have to share that the transition and hiring process has been smooth.  It is almost a rarity (with other FMS providers) to communicate with anyone and resolve issues, or have a game plan where someone follows through.  I do complain when things are not working correctly, so I feel compelled to say when it is right.  Jason Smith has great communication skills, and is able to listen and resolve any issues that arise.  Thank you for your time."

Pamela Hildebrand, ACES$ Colorado Consumer


"My daughter, Tamekia, receives services from the Home and Community Based Services Program. Like many adults with developmental disabilities, she is able to stay in her own home and receive individually tailored support because she is a participant in this program. ACES$ is her fiscal agent. The professional staff at ACES$ handle all matters associated with the payment of her personal support worker – payroll, payroll taxes, etc. – ensuring that all is accomplished in a timely manner and done correctly. The friendly ACES$ staff always responds promptly to our questions and treats us with courtesy and respect. This gives us peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy our valuable family time. Thank you, ACES$, for all you do to make our lives better."

Shirley A. Perez, Mother/Legal Guardian- ACES$ Illinois Consumer


"I don’t know if you remember me or not but we are the family that got emergency approval to move from another FMS provider to ACES$. We had an extremely poor experience with your competitor. All we wanted to do was to move me from the employer role to the support worker and replace the employer role with my daughter. The other company was incapable of getting this done. We started the process in January and did not see an end in sight to progressing to make the change happen. Trying to reach the other company by phone or any other means was a struggle to say the least. It’s easier to reach Medicaid then it is to reach them and that includes their corporate office. I’ve never been told so many times that I was first in line on hold and then put in voicemail. On the very rare occasion they would pick up the phone they were unwilling to investigate reasons for process delays so we sat in limbo for months and now have forfeited compensation from January through May to care for my son. When we were approved to move to ACES$ we were in immediate contact with your Enrollment Agent and he came to our home to sign us up. I can’t tell you how fantastic that was because the other FMS provider made us send our paperwork through the U.S. Mail so all my personal information was being passed through their system just waiting for someone to steal my identity. The Enrollment Agent then followed up immediately with any open items and called me to walk me through signing up online. I have to commend your company and Staff. They are doing a great job representing your company. I am going to talk with the other families that use your competitor (all unhappy) and recommend they to move to ACES$ during open enrollment. Thank you for making this happen and for all your help. Have a great day!"

Kathy C. - ACES$ Illinois Consumer


"The staff is EXCELLENT! Please don’t ever outsource customer service at ACES$! I have spoken, at length, with personnel from different departments and have never had a bad experience."

ACES$ Illinois Consumer


"Craig Morrison consistently exceeds customer expectations in his prompt and helpful responses…sometimes, even on the weekends!"

ACES$ Illinois Consumer


"Tamara is a very knowledgeable plus she always gives her all and is very kind and friendly. She is a rock star."

ACES$ Illinois Consumer


"Best customer service I have received from any service provider in probably 10 years. Doesn’t matter the issue or whether it is via phone call or email. Answers and direction are prompt and provided by knowledgeable staff. I am very impressed!"

ACES$ Illinois Consumer

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