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The Center

Established in 1988, the Center for Independent Living (CIL) provides information, education, advocacy, and training needed to allow persons with disabilities to live productive, independent lives. Through individualized programs, the CIL provides freedom and choice, resulting in a better quality of life.


Our Mission

To improve and enhance  independent living options for persons with disabilities who want to live independently.  The CIL advocates for the elimination of architectural, attitudinal and communication barriers so that persons with disabilities can determine the services they receive, and fully participate in society.


Our Board

Robert K. Treptow, President

Michael D. Sporer, Secretary

Patricia A. Ebert, Vice President

Christopher P. Arnone, Esq., Treasurer

Gail Blau-Kalman

Timothy P. Gaynord

Colleen A. Stepanovich

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We can be independent, when we do it together.

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