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ACES$ Financial Management Services, part of the Northeast Pennsylvania Center for Independent Living, is our consumer-directed payroll management solution for Medicaid recipients and their caregivers.  We are the largest non-profit FMS provider in the country.


As a Center for Independent Living, we have decades of experience serving people with disabilities. More than 51% of our own staff have a disability. As such, we are uniquely in tune with the needs of our consumers.  ACES$ FMS empowersWoman Helping consumers by handling the administrative employer functions for them.  Additionally, the experience is simple and convenient for personal service workers.  Notably, ACES$ delivers a great cost savings to Medicaid programs and the States with which we work.



At ACES$, we are able to keep our focus on the consumer while offering well-priced per member/per month rates. ACES$’s state-of-the-art proprietary software provides an unparalleled interface for consumers and personal service workers. For example, ACES$ technology automatically rejects overlapping timesheets, notifies consumers instantly if they are over budget, and enables consumers to monitor their budgets in real time. We are able to oversee and enforce, in actual time, whether or not state and program-specific rules and regulations have been met by participants.  In fact, we are able to customize and modify our software program, in-house, to reflect the needs of any state/program we serve.  This makes us unique in the world of FMS.


Our actual and immediate validations and reporting mitigate fraud, waste and abuse, helping to sustain home and community-based service programs.  ACES$ has a mobile-capable online portal, as well as a mobile application. Additionally, we have our own Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) application.  Importantly, our purpose-built, proprietary software allows our staff to spend more time helping consumers one-on-one.


Other ACES$ advantages over other FMS providers include our exceptionally quick onboarding process, for both consumers and personal support workers.   We are often able to meet with consumers face-to-face, streamlining the enrollment process. Our online timesheets enable personal support workers to submit their hours and, if filled out correctly, we process timesheets within 24-48 hours.  We also offer a supplemental, off-cycle payroll processed weekly.  This ensures that a personal support worker need not wait until the next payroll cycle for a paycheck, in the event their timesheet was first delayed due to an error.


What truly sets us apart, what we get rave reviews for, is that our consumers speak to a live human being when they phone for assistance.  More than 98% of our phone calls are answered immediately by an ACES$ employee who can assist the caller.  The other 2% of the time, when a call is missed, we return that call within minutes.  We know how frustrating it is to be thrust into a world of automation, so it is our policy to be accessible to the people we serve.  It’s what we do.  It’s who we are.  We live it.  And we truly believe we can be independent, when we do it together.






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